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Welcome to Phuket Photo Tours

Sightseeing around the most visited places (and also some more secret ones…) of Phuket Island accompanied by a professional photographer exclusively dedicated to helping you to bring back home some outstanding pictures. This is the new and unique way Phuket Photo Tours offer you to explore the most interesting places of Phuket from a cultural or scenic point of view.

Away from the crowds and in small groups of maximum 4 participants only, you will not only head to the most popular touristic places of Phuket; but also to some other less visited ones that we found for you and that we love for their photographic or cultural interest.

All along you will benefit of the guidance and the help of a photographer whose role is to assist you in achieving some outstanding pictures that will make incomparable memories of your holidays.

The specificity of Phuket Photo Tours is that our tours are designed around the photogenic value of the places visited. This is the reason why our groups are limited to a maximum of 4 participants, to give you a unique flexibility that you would not be able to enjoy with other tours. For example, if you think that a particular sighting is worth a shot, you will be able to take all the time you need to achieve the picture you want – with us, no rushing you around because the group has to be at the next scheduled place on time!

Everyone is welcome to join our tours whether you have an interest in photography or not. You do not need to own a big expensive camera system to join us. Many participants take our tours with only a small compact camera because what you will learn with our photographer is to look at what you see with a different eye. Although if you own only a compact camera and you feel that you will not benefit as much as you could from the tour, you have the possibility to rent a DSLR camera or other DSLR equipment from us.

The tours are conducted with open back cars allowing you a good view of your surroundings when you travel from one point to another. As we are driving along and you spot an inspiring sight that you would like to capture, we encourage you to ask the driver to stop the car so that you can take your picture. Even though it will not always be possible to stop the car due to the traffic or the condition of the road, the driver will do his best to accommodate you.

If you feel a little bit more adventurous, Phuket Photo Tours offers you the possibility to take part in the tours – if bookings allow – as a passenger of our motorbikes driven individually by one of our experienced and cautious drivers; offering you the most flexibility possible in regards of stops along the way.

Customer Testimonial

This is my 3rd photography tour, one in Edinburgh, New York and now this one. Each one has a unique aspect and I learn something different each time. Isabelle is a charming guide, immediately we got on well and seemed more like a friend than a guide. she gave me choices in what I wanted out of the day and it's a great opportunity to consolidate what you know and ask " stupid" questions without embarrassment. Do it, it's worth it.

20pence (Melbourne - AUS) - Apr 1, 2013
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